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Back to School at Regina Maris

On Sunday sept 24th ‘17, we kicked off the school year at Regina Maris with donations of school supplies, toys, clothes, food, and a generous amount of funds to support the orphanage and encourage the sustainability of education. This event was made possible with the help of our partners A-Nènè Fashion (Conakry, GN) and Karamba Dunia Business( Librairie Générale Dixinn, Conakry,GN), kind donors, family members, and of course the tireless efforts of the altruistic staff at the Regina Maris.  Our goal was to enable the children to successfully start the school year with enough resources to keep them motivated in order to excel academically.



Yearly Visit to Regina

Thee Bee Project is eternally grateful for having the opportunity to once again assist the children of the orphanage Regina Maris. These children are so special to us, their courage is impeccable, and their love for us lacks descriptive words. We  are also proud to announce that 3 students have successfully completed their high school education.


Yearly Visit to Regina

On July 16th 2015, Thee Bee Project, Inc. , accompanied by Mrs. Sylla Aminata Diallo, Mrs. Cisse Aissatou Diallo, and Mrs. You Michelle Diallo , made another set of donations to the orphanage Reniga Maris. The donations consisted of collected toys, clothes, cleaning products, sanitations products, and 20Kg of rice for the children living in the orphanage. We would like to thanks all the sponsors, the donators, the Guinean news network RTG for the coverage, and last but not least Regina Maris, its hardworking staff and the wonderful children for the warm welcome.



In December 2013, we embarked on a two weeks journey to conduct two exiting and highly anticipated humanitarian projects in Guinea. On december 24th 2013, a Chirstmas celebration was organized that the orphanage/rehabilitation Regina Maris, located in Conakry. At the event, a Christmas tree was assembled, decorated, and surrounded with individualy packaged gifts for the orphans. Communal gifts, such as cleaning products, first aid kits, hygiene products, donated by Mrs. Sylla Aminata Diallo (a firm supporter and advisor of Thee Bee Project) and toys were donated by Dr. Laura Twersky, a proffessor at Saint Peter's University (New Jersey). In addition, four prestigiously sponsored laptops were donated to the adminisatration of the orphanage Regina Maris. The founder of the orphanage, Mrs. Henriette, along with over 30 orphans greeted Thee Bee Project and its convoy with multiple lively recitations, songs, and dances. During the course of the event, the children were surprised with exuberant songs by Guinea's very own R & B singer Soul Bangs. Thee Bee Project was rewarded with a certificate of gratitude for having been a sponsor of the orphanage since August 2013.


To debute the New Year 2014, Thee Bee Project also made donations to the maternal ward at Donka, the biggest public hospital in Conakry. Accompanied by Dr. Suzanne Austin, a doctor at the hospital and a genereous contributor, recovering newborns of the New Year were offered blankets, clothes, bathing accessories, and  a variety of hygiene products. Their mothers were offereded various beauty and higyene products, along with a significant envelope and a pamphlet containing information on Breast Cancer. Fortunately, one of the mothers gave birth to triplets, and I was given the honor to hold the first Guinean triplets of the year 2014. Such an amazing experience, and so many more are anticipated.

Many thanks to the incredible team and volunteers for all the support and help, to the generous sponsors who have faithfully accompanied the project in its endeavors, and to the RTG for broadcasting the events on national television.


Kick-off Event at Regina Maris

We made donations of school supplies, toys, and food to the orphanage Regina Maris in Guinea, Conakry on August 15th 2013. The purpose of these donations was not only to bring happiness to those children who have found a home at that orphanage, but also to encourage them to pursue the education being provided to them by the orphanage. Many thanks to the team, and our parents who are our number one supporters...There's nothing more priceless than seeing smiles accross children's faces !

Donka donations

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