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Regina Maris

Regina Maris is an orphanage and rehabilitation center for children located in Kipé, Conakry. It is home, school and hospital to over 55 children from 0 to 18 years of age. 

We provide supplies (food, clothing, toiletries , toys) to the orphanage at least 3 times a year and school supplies at least once a year. 

In 2014, we provided a dozen of brand new laptops to the orphanage.

In 2018, we provided the orphanage with 30 new bed + mattresses + bedsheets, and fixed all the bathrooms to promote better sanitary conditions.

Children's Hope of Kindia

(L'Espoir des Enfants de Kindia)


Children's Hope of Kindia is located in Kindia, Guinea and is home to over 25 young children, It is owned by a kind elderly woman who took on after her mother in caring for abandoned children. 

We've made monetary donations in addition to food, sanitary products to help the staff in caring for the children.

NGO aid to abandoned children

(ONG Aide aux Enfants Déshérités)

AEID is and orphanage located in Koloma, Conakry that proved shelter and education to abandoned children, in order to help them re-integrate into society.

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